Snow Day by Llael McDonald
Snow Day

25x30cm, oil on canvas

I painted this portrait of my daughter in the snow at our house. We don't often get a heavy snow fall in our town but once in a while we wake up to a thick blanket of crisp white snow, transforming the landscape into something only seen in fairytale books. The day we saw the most snow we'd had in about 20 years my daughters were amazed at the change of the landscape and wandered around looking at the plants and buildings and how different it all looked. It's times like this, when I watch them immerse themselves in something with such excitement that I miss being a kid. 


oil on canvas.

by Llael McDonald
by the Pool

An iconic Australian image, the Aussie out door pool. Childhood summers spent swimming until freezing cold  and then jumping out and lying on the hot concrete to warm up, kiosk potato cakes and ice cream, sunburn and thongs. Walking home and getting hot all over again.  

30x40cm oil on canvas


by Llael McDonald
Birthday Girl

oil on linen 

Forest Ramble

oil on linen

by Llael McDonald
Morning Coffee

Oil on canvas