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16 – 28 NOVEMBER at SketchCo Gallery 
Opening Night: 5-7 pm 16th November

Featuring 17 paintings, this new collection is again dedicated to the quiet beauty that Llael finds in her choice of subject matter – fresh produce. Painted in her signature Dutch masters inspired style, Llael’s paintings present moody compositions where light and the promise of narrative re-animate her chosen objects all the while hinting at memory and the nostalgic. Just cracked eggs, sliced red onions, and olive oil accompanied by cauliflower, all appear waiting to be transformed into hearty dishes, ready for sharing and enjoyment.  

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opening on the 27th of January 2023 at SketchCo Gallery  Surry Hills NSW

Affordable Art Fair

Sydney 15 - 18 June

Melbourne 31 August - 3 September

represented by Sketch Co gallery 

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